Trailer for ‘The Adventures of Captain Alatriste’ TV series is rocking (Video)

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I was stoked to find out last fall that Spain was turning Arturo Perez-Reverte’s swashbuckling Captain Alatriste series into a television show. In fact, I may have done a happy dance.

Originally, the books were translated into the movie Alatriste starring Viggo Mortensen back in 2006, though trying to cram 7 or so books into one movie makes for more episodic scenes than an over-arching plot. Still, Viggo rocked in the film and the fights were fantastic. Some of the best and most realistic rapier fights in cinema.

But fans were overall less than impressed and Spain television will be airing a series version of the stories. The current plan, it seems, is to do one book a season, though it won’t be a perfect adaption. And recently a 4+ minute trailer was released adaptation entitled The Adventures of Captain Alatriste.

Hang onto your big hats and mustaches, folks:

Color me excited. Between this, The Musketeers getting a second season (according to the production company), Black Sails, and Crossbones (coming to TV this year), it’s a good time to be a swashbuckler fan.

No official word on an air-date, but De Fan a Fan thinks it’ll hit Spanish TV sets before May. I’m hoping to find an online stream for the show, or at least be able to get it on DVD/BluRay later.

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