Travel in the foot (and horse) steps of the Chevalier d’Artagnan

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Oh. My. God.

The Association Européenne de la Route d’Artagnan (AERA) has announced a plan to build a 4000 km (2485 miles) of equestrian trail that follows through the legendary fictional swashbuckling hero, d’Artagnan.

“There are six million tourists on horseback in the European Union, but no infrastructure at the European level,” said Alain Libero, founder and president of the AERA.

The path will start in Lupiac, France in the Gascony region. AERA says the bridle path should be ready by 2017 and will cross through Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

 Association Européenne de la Route d'Artagnan (AERA) plans

Association Européenne de la Route d’Artagnan (AERA) plans

AERA is also involved in the annual d’Artagnan Festival, which is a fair day placed in the times of the Three Musketeers and includes duels and learning how to fire pistols and muskets from the era. Here’s some videos from the most recent festival.

So 2017… Hit up the d’Artagnan Festvival, ride the Route d’Artagnan on horseback, and then watch the Musketeer Musical that opens in 2016.


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