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This weekend was Sommer Draw, which is a little but great SCA event.  After our fencing tournament we noticed there was a human-sized foosball rig. And fencers being fencers, mischief ensued (Thanks Countess Meggy & Natalia!) and Fencer Foosball was born! It combines the daring swashbuckling of rapier fencing with the zany discombobulated teamwork of human foosball.

The rules are simple:

  • You can not take your arm from the foosball handle unless you are dead.
  • Your arm on the foosball handle is invulnerable up to the elbow.
  • When you die you go to the nearest post to count to 10 and then you go back to your station.
  • You can not backstab the other team directly behind you.
  • First team to score 3 goals wins.

The above clip is the end of the game. As you can see, we clearly weren’t having any fun at all. Not a single bit.

Proud to say that I scored a hat trick in my team’s 3-1 victory. I’m the short fencer in the blue doublet with the black boots. You see my best side, which is to say, my backside.

Not appearing in this film: Me doing the airplane celebration into a slide into a fist pump.

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