VIDEO: Live Steel Rapier Demonstrations

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These are old videos, but still pretty cool. Devon Boorman of the wonderful Academie Duello historical fencing and stage combat school did a live steel demo with a rapier and longsword. Just goes to show you how little effort it takes to run someone through with sharpened steel. He also does some cutting exercises, too, to show what works/doesn’t work and from a few angles. It’s pretty cool.

Viewers will notice there’s not a lot of extra force (if any) from Devon. He’s merely letting good body mechanics, sharpened steel, and his own body mass do all the work.

His students also were given a chance to go a few rounds with the hanging meat of doom.

He also shows how a blunted rapier works.

And a little longsword action.

Thanks to Phil H. for the find.

And for folks looking to better their historical fencing game, I can’t recommend Duello.TV enough. It’s also run by Boorman and the Academie Duello folks and it’s top notch online resource.


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