VIDEO: New swashbuckling video game, Nidhogg, due out this month

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A friend just sent me a link to this video. It’s for Nidhogg, a 2D video game where you fence and fight your opponents into oblivion.

Players can do everything from stab their opponents with thrusts, pummel with punches, throw swords, and a bunch of other fun 2D pixelated moves. Fighters fight in castles, mountains sides, clouds, and even in tall grass (Hello, Count of Monte Cristo!). Here’s the trailer:

From Joystiq:

Nidhogg challenges players to get from one side of a scrolling castle to the other, with their pixelated opponents en garde to stop them in their tracks. The result is frantic mano a mano fencing, as shown to great effect in today’s announcement trailer.

Nidhogg is due out January 13 (three days after my birthday, woot!) for single player but a multiplayer will also be available (no word on if it’s local or online). Sounds like Windows is getting the initial release, but Linux and Mac users will get it eventually.

Who wants to take me on?

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