What if Disney Princesses Wore Historically Accurate Outfits?

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Weird to see something from Buzzfeed that isn’t all lolz and cats, yet here we are.

This video’s been making the rounds of what some of the popular Disney Princesses outfits would actually look like in period. And it’s a lot different than a previous attempt that got a lot of attention.

I’m not an expert in most of these time periods to give any real critique, but the craftsmanship and the work done are absolutely gorgeous. Not sure if it compares to this Maid Marian, though.

It’s a cool video and shows that more historical garments are beautiful and fun. Not that I expect or care if a Disney cartoon does that. But I did wish more television shows and movies cared

And should you disagree with any of the outfits, BuzzFeed did a post, presenting their research and argument, so at least you know where they’re coming from design wise. Pretty cool stuff.

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