When Not Writing is Writing

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I haven’t gotten a ton of new writing done for the past week. Life’s been busy, but my “writing time” has been monopolized by getting Jake Hawking & the Bounty Hunters prepped for the printer. I just finalized my files and sent it to the printers for review. Barring a catastrophe, I should get a proof copy in a couple of days, and should be able to make the book available for purchase by week’s end. Very exciting.

But it’s funny to spend writing time not writing. It’s one of the “downsides” of being your own publisher. Sometimes the business side of writing gets in the way of actual writing. And when you have a day job, balancing the two can sometimes be impossible, and it’s more alternating days. But it’s still important to the writing game. You get what you put into it — both creatively and from the business side. Spending several hours choosing typography, killing off widows/orphans, and dealing with other “not writing” tasks is well worth it. The end product will look clean and professional, and readers will appreciate the effort. Or, at least, they won’t notice the effort and that’s 100x better than them noticing you putting in no effort.

Thankfully, this is just a minor distraction from the full length novel. I’m about 51,000 words into draft two and aiming to get it out by the end of the summer. So I need to get a move on once the collection is printed.

Anyways, here’s the inside cover to the Hawking story collection.  A lot of the old swashbucklers I own have a mini woodcut or engraving on that inside cover. I feel like it helps get readers prepped for the adventure before they even hit page one. So, I wanted to continue that tradition with this Hawking collection and in future stories as well.

Hawking Inside Cover

A nice touch, eh?

Also, the book is dedicated to my late Uncle Tony. I had hoped to get this edition in print while he was still around, but it didn’t work out that way, alas. Still, I’m sure he would’ve enjoyed this just the same. He was always was supportive of my writing.


The actual book will be printed on cream paper, not white, to help give it that old book look and feel.


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