Yarr! Pirates invade Central Park

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Improv Everywhere teamed up with Disney to take over Central Park as a band of pirates, taking over a rowboat and went in search of keys to open their treasure chest. The pirates wore costumes based on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and interacted with folks as they rowed by.

For our latest mission, we staged a pirate invasion on the Central Park Lake, converting a rowboat rental into a pirate ship. Actors dressed as pirates from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean attraction set sail on the lake, searching for the keys to their treasure chest. The pirates interrogated the New Yorkers and tourists on other rowboats and by the shore, much to their delight.

It’s a pretty funny idea and I kinda want to do this in Boston now… but with the Duck Boats or the Swan Boats. Who’s with me, eh?

More pics from their little invasion:

pirates of central park 1 pirates of central park 2 pirates of central park 3 pirates of central park 5 pirates of central park 6 pirates of central park group

For more photos and the full-story be sure to visit Improv Everywhere’s website.

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