Yikes! Here are x-rays of women wearing corsets

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Women without corset

Before corset crunch

Ladies, ever wonder exactly what’s going on inside you when you lace yourself into a super tight corset?

Fellas, ever wonder the ladies are doing to themselves to shrink their waists and boost their breasts?

Well wonder no longer! Here are some x-ray images of women wearing corsets.


That doesn’t look like fun. Not sure how/why you do it ladies.

For the modern woman who likes to get dolled up historically, does this fall into suffering for your art? Can’t imagine doing this to yourself day after day after day. Ouch. Poor ribs.

More x-rays and a really insane corset transformation that’ll make your head spin over at BuzzFeed.

X-ray of woman wearing corset

After corset crunch

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  • Meowza Fangface


    I Thought metal xrayed white ?
    the bottom xray means there is wire or something along the top and bottom of the corset.
    Its drawn on.


    • Justin


      Hmm.. I think you’re right about the color now that you mention it.


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