You recognize that famous sign? Si, senior, it is a number Two.

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Zorro debit card collection

Two bits, four bits, six bits a peso.. All for Zorro! Stand up and say sp!

The official Zorro facebook group just sent out a link to Apparently now you can get Zorro-themes on your debit and credit cards. Would totally like to snag one of these badlarrys if they were available for my bank and also didn’t have a monthly $6 maintenance fee.

Seriously, guys? A monthly fee on a Zorro-theme debit card? Sounds like some shady Alcalde business if you ask me. Does Zorro know they’re stealing from the poor some more?

They look cool, though, just not $72/year (plus a host of other fees and fines) cool.

Zorro: You recognize that famous sign?

Old Man: Si senior. It is a Two.

Zorro: That is a Z!

Don't think Zorro would like the fees attached to his name

Don’t think Zorro would like the fees attached to his name

Old Man: But in the school, that is how they teach my granddaughter to draw a Two.

Zorro: I say it is a Z – For El Zorro!

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